KYLIE HALPIN—As we navigate through a year of unprecedented challenges and uncertainty, we are about to enter a season characterized by change itself. We have seen a historic shift in a world facing a global pandemic, which has forced many of us to evolve our perspectives, loosen our expectations, and explore new ways to bring communities together despite the climate we face in 2020. 

Throughout the year, Lyric has seen an overwhelming amount of support from local communities who are coming together to celebrate the passion of a common thread: the magical art of performance. The evocative beauty and truth set forth by the theatrical arts continues to speak to the human condition as it persists throughout our culture. It is a magic so profound that it exists just as strongly today as it does in the annals of our childhood memories. With change on our minds, we are so thrilled to be returning to the stage this fall with three upcoming shows. Outdoor performances, video production, and virtual rehearsals characterize Lyric’s Season of Change as we prepare to bring you three unique theatre experiences that tell the story of a world evolving with hope.

New Leaf: An Outdoor Musical Cabaret

Performing to outdoor locations throughout Vermont, New Leaf is a musical theatre cabaret that will feature four socially-distant performances in September and October. These free concerts, with themes of change, will highlight both traditional and contemporary musical pieces from the Broadway catalog. Directed by Vermont native Pearl Guerriere with music direction by Andriana Chobot, New Leaf presents a cast of both newcomers to Lyric as well as veterans that audiences will recognize from the Lyric Mainstage. 

“The cast of New Leaf is absolutely spectacular. I feel very lucky to be working with such uniquely talented individuals. Their incredible voices are sure to fill the hills of Vermont with music once again! I’m so excited for local audiences to see this show and experience all the joys of live theatre.” Declares first time Lyric director but long time Lyric member and performer Pearl Guerriere.

Show Dates:

September 26 & October 3 at 5:00 pm – Trapp Family Lodge Meadow

September 27 at 2:00 pm – Snow Farm Vineyard in South Hero

October 4 at 2:00 pm – Burlington City Hall Steps

Tickets to all of these concerts are free, but for Trapp Family Lodge and Snow Farm Vineyard concerts you will need to reserve a ticket in advance.

Songs for a New World

Songs for a New World is a contemporary song cycle written for the stage by Jason Robert Brown. This unique performance will be Lyric’s first full scale musical to be recorded for a virtual audience. With a streaming release date in November, we look forward to bringing our cast and crew together this fall for the rehearsal process and recording of this production both in the Lyric Creative Space and “on location”.

Directed by Lyric veteran Brita Down with music direction by Nate Venet, this spectacular performance will mark a new chapter of innovation and outward thinking for Lyric Theatre Company. 

Sharing her vision for the show, Brita describes Songs for a New World as “a collection of stories that stand alone as glimpses into different lives and worlds but that are also joined by this common human experience.” She reveals the three themes that are woven into her interpretation of Brown’s writing, the first being our reality in the year 2020 and the historic things that are happening on a global level. The second theme tells the story of being part of a performing arts community without the usual outlets for creative expression that we’re accustomed to. The final theme highlights gratitude felt for the beautiful oasis of our Vermont home, the appreciation of which is paramount during times of cultural tension. 

Songs for a New World is about change – the pivots, the possibilities, the hurt and the growth, the ways that change and choice can bring us together or break us apart.”

Stay tuned for ticket information during the upcoming weeks as the cast and creative team prepare for the premier streaming of Songs for a New World!

Miracle on Green Tree Drive: A Lyric Family Christmas Special

Lyric has announced audition information for another recorded, streamed performance set to release just in time for the holidays. 

Miracle on Green Tree Drive is a televised Christmas Special celebrating Lyric’s survival through these tough times and our unwavering commitment to ring in the holiday the only way we know how: through song and dance, and storytelling.

Directed by Mike Fidler, music direction by Ashley O’Brien, and cinematography by Ian Ferris, this exciting show will be entirely pre-recorded with an online streaming date in mid-December, as well as screenings via public access television.  Fidler comments; “I can’t tell you how excited I am to be involved in this project.  The TV format is going to be super-challenging for everyone involved and working in a studio is going to get us right out of our comfort zones technically.  For performers it’s going to be a whole new world of cameras, marks on the floor and the opportunity to do it again!  The script is fantastic – there are countless safe and creative opportunities for people to get involved, and the show as a whole is really going to capture a moment in time for Lyric Theatre.  and the show as a whole is really going to capture a moment in time for Lyric Theatre.  I think people will be looking back on this for many years.”

The vision of the creative team is to produce a completely original Lyric version of a 60’s Variety Christmas television show… think Lawrence Welk, except packed full of Lyric members doing Holiday songs and sketches with costumes, scenery, and special effects. A few songs, a few jokes, a few tears, a few memories, and a whole lot of fun.  Want to get involved in this magical performance extravaganza? Check out the Miracle at Green Tree Dr. page for more information about how to get involved!


So our theme as we move into a new season is clear: the world is changing, and so are our stages. Yet our purpose remains the same. Through optimism and innovation and driven by the passion we share for the performing arts, Lyric is proud of the work being done at every level to bring the visions of our creative teams, crews, performers, and massive community of volunteers to a new stage. We can’t wait to once again share this magic with our friends and families and brighten the world with the hard work and community spirit on which we pride ourselves.

Lyric’s Safety Regulations During the COVID-19 Health Crisis

Lyric Theatre Company strictly follows the health and safety guidelines recommended by the CDC and the Vermont Department of Health. In addition to our performances being presented to remote or distanced audiences, we strongly enforce a number of precautions onsite to ensure the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, and community.

  • Masks worn at all times by all volunteers and staff
  • Temperature and health checks upon entry of Lyric spaces
  • Social distance “squares” in rehearsal spaces marked with tape
  • Air turnovers in the warehouse and rehearsal spaces
  • Consistent sanitizing
  • Special attention on how to rehearse virtually, as well as conducting “open air rehearsals” outdoors when possible

If you have any questions or concerns about Lyric’s safety policies in response to the COVID 19 pandemic, please email Erin Evarts at [email protected]