Tickets are now available for purchase by using the link above! Tickets are $20 for an individual viewing, and $45 for a family viewing (multiple viewers in one location). A small service fee will be added to each transaction. After you purchase tickets online, you will be emailed a specific link to access the video. Once you press play, the video is available to watch for 48 hours.

This holiday season, Lyric Theatre Company presents Miracle on Green Tree Drive: A Lyric Family Christmas, an original televised musical special. The show premieres Sunday, December 20 at 7:30 pm, and streaming access tickets are available to buy and view through January 20, 2021. “The show celebrates Lyric’s survival through these tough times, and our unwavering commitment to ring in the holiday the only way we know how: through song and dance and storytelling,” said producer and writer Serena Magnan O’Connell. Through the magic of film and technology, scenes and songs were recorded safely over a few months, adhering to all state of Vermont health regulations on capacity, distance and masking, at Lyric’s Marjorie Howe Rehearsal Space on Green Tree Drive in South Burlington and a few other Vermont locations. Different scenes were staged by small teams to both limit exposure and group interaction, and to utilize the unique styles and talents of many long-term and new Lyric members including choreographers, costumers, set designers, prop makers, lighting and sound designers. A cast of 100+ and dozens of crew and creative volunteer members bring to life this nostalgic yet modern variety show, packed full of holiday songs and original scenes with full costumes, scenery and special effects. Tune in for all your favorite holiday music arranged by music director Ashley O’Brien McTernan. Plus, see an exclusive special appearance by cast members of Matilda the Musical, which had been in production for a Spring 2020 showing on the Flynn Center MainStage.

Producer/Writer: Serena Magnan O’Connell
Creative Director: Michael Fidler
Video Director: Ian Ferris
Music Director: Ashley O’Brien McTernan
Lead Choreographer: Tara Mayhew
Additional Choreography: Jane Burchard, Rebecca Raskin, Sue Bailey
Art Director: Cheri Forsythe
Production Manager & Health Officer:  Freda Tutt
Recording Producer:  Chris Ziter

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Cast List

Keely Agan
Katy Albert
G Richard Ames
Pam Audette
Asa Baker-Rouse
Juliana Banach  *
Halee Bernier
Kaitie Bessette
Ari Bick  *
Mindy Bickford
Bill Bickford
Bob Bolyard
Annelise Boutin  *
Justin Bouvier
Christopher Brown
Cameron Brownell
Merrill Cameron
Philip Caycedo
Jayden Choquette
Zoey Clopton  *
Sarah Connor
Mark Cranmer
Andrea Cronan
Gwen Delgadillo
Celia DeVoe  *
Stephanie Doan  *
Brita Down
Rachel Drew
Claire Ewing
Megan Fariel
Megan Ferris
Chloe Fidler
Frankie Fidler  *
Carl Frenning

Daniel Gibson  *
Jenna Giguere
Teddy Guerin
Oonagh Guyer  *
Kylie Halpin
Jane Harrissis
Travis Hathaway
Kim Hathaway
Geri Ann Higgins
Joshua Huffman
Bella Jolly
Samuel Kafferlin  *
Grace Kafferlin  *
Howard Kalfus
Stephen Kendall
Kelley Lane
Sabrina Leal
Timothy Lewis
Amelia Mason
Shane McCormack  *
Mattea McCormick  *
Fiona McCormick
Kristina McSalis
Maria Mercieca
Violet Merciecia  *
Veronica Miskavage
Stephanie Miskavage
Lucas Moran
Bryan Moreau  *
Vonnie Murad
Cady Murad
Mac Murad
Noelle Nilo
Taryn Noelle

Hannah Normandeau
Aizlyn O’Brien  *
Don O’Connell
Rob O’Neil
Ella O’Neil
Molly O’Neil
Hanlan Paquin  *
Rob Parzych
Nora Pemberton
Carah Pioli Hunt
Kerry Powell
Samuel Puddicombe  *
Phoebe Raphael
Stephen Rainville
Kathleen Richards
Donna Riera
Hayley Ryan
Leonie Schwetlick  *
Rachel Smith
Jennifer Warwick Sokolowski
Phyllis Stambolian
Zach Stark  *
Juliana Tomlinson
Pam Toof
Harriet Veltkamp
Rachel Weinfeld  *
Kate Whalen
Andy Whitaker
Rowan Williams
Sarah Wright
Amelia Zemanek
Syndi Zook

Lyric Ensemble

Alyssa Zajan  *
Donna Boisselle
Megan Calla
Cara Clopton  *

Stephen Contompasis
Carl Frenning
Suzanna Miller
Holly Raiche

Rachel Smith
Tim Stetson
Shawnalea Zemanek  *

* Denotes first time Lyric performer