Are you looking for a space to rehearse, to offer a workshop, teach a class, or host a meeting? How about a costume, prop, or set piece? Lyric Theatre is committed to working with other area theatres, organizations, and community groups providing rentals at affordable rates.

For Costume and Prop rentals – Call our Office! 802-658-1484

Space Rentals

  • Space rental, fees & scheduling are negotiated with the Executive Director.
  • Rental categories include, but are not limited to: Rehearsals, Meetings, Workshops, or Trainings
  • Long-term rentals (1 or more days/week) may be scheduled for a maximum of 8 weeks, renewal is at the discretion of the Executive Director.
  • Renting groups must identify a responsible person who will be on-site and available by phone during the rental period who can be contacted with questions.
  • Renters must sign Lyric’s “Rental Guidelines & Agreement”
  • Rental of space does not include use of other Lyric resources.

Scheduling Guidelines:

  • Lyric Theatre sponsored uses take precedence over rental by outside groups.
  • To schedule, a group must contact the Lyric Creative Space more than 48 hours before the event to confirm availability and reserve space.
  • All activities in the building must end by 10 p.m. and the building must be clear and locked by 10:30 p.m.
  • As a part of our mission we want to work collaboratively to share resources with the community and as such may prioritize non-profits, other theatres, or schools in scheduling discussions.
  • Lyric reserves the right to not open certain spaces during rehearsals for our MainStage shows.

Rental Fees

  • All fees are based on a four hour period.  If you need a longer amount of time reserved the fees will increase.
  • Payment must be made in full before rental for first-time renters or a one-time rental.
  • For rentals lasting more than one day Lyric requires half-down before the first day of rental.
  • There are keyboards in both the Large Rehearsal Hall and the Tampas Music Room that are covered in the room rental rate.
  • There is a sound system that is Bluetooth enabled in the Large Rehearsal Hall.
  • There is a wall of mirrors in the Large Rehearsal Hall and in the Small Rehearsal Hall.
  • There is a projector screen and a SmartTV in the Conference Room that are included in the room rental rate.   
  • Chairs and music stands are available by request, otherwise rooms will be empty.
  • If Lyric Theatre feels that the rental requires a staff person to be on-site, the cost of the staff time will be paid by the renter.
  • If a group is looking to use our warehouse space to build or paint, we are open to creating an agreement but supervision will be necessary by a Lyric staff member or designated volunteer.  Staff time will be paid by the renter.
  • Lyric is currently not able to offer storage space for projects created in the Lyric Creative Space.
Room Business Non-Profit Member
Large Rehearsal Hall $50 $35 $10
Small Rehearsal Hall $40 $25 $5
Both Rehearsal Halls $80 $55 $13
Tampas Music Room $30 $15 $10
Conference Room $30 $15 $10
19th Hole Meeting Space $15 $10 $5
Building/Painting Space* $50 $20 $10

Prices adopted 2/1/2020

To see the entire rental form click here: Space Rental Agreement