Lyric Theatre Company is dedicated to offering training opportunities for roles both onstage and off, while showcasing the talents and expertise of our members. 

The Lyric Education Committee is proud to have Lyric Alumni Jacob Tischler teaching an audition masterclass!

In Jacob’s own words:  This masterclass is focused on freeing the story. Many folks wonder if they’re talented enough to book work. I am. You are too. But time and time again, I’m confronted with the seemingly insurmountable challenge that is auditioning. I focus on the wrong things: how do I sound, how do I look, what the **** do I do with my hands, and most damagingly, do they like me??? This class will be about bringing yourself into the story, freeing yourself of these insecurities, and discovering how you as a person are always enough. Period.

Saturday | September 14 from 2:00 to 6:00 pm

Lyric Creative Space: 7 Green Tree Drive, South Burlington, VT

$20 | Ages 10+

Payment can be made with cash or check (payable to “Lyric Theatre Company”) on the day of the workshop. Sign up by emailing

  • For those interested in focusing on acting, please bring a short scene (SHORT = 1-2 pages) and/or a SHORT monologue (approximately two minutes). We may not get to both, so please pick the one you’d like to work on most.
  • For those interested in focusing on musical theatre, please bring two 32-bar cuts. One should be a song that you love to sing. The other should be a song you know showcases you well. We may not get to both, so please pick the one you’d like to work on most.

JACOB TISCHLER is a proud Vermonter, carrying the flannel banner in the tri-state area. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, he has since left the conservatory lifestyle to improvise a freelance acting career in theaters all over the country. Don’t worry, he’s still poor, but he’s rich with experiences. Credits include the Walnut Street Theatre, Westchester Broadway Theatre, Riverside Theatre, the New London Barn Playhouse, the Elgin/Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto, and upcoming, the Olney Theatre Center in Maryland. He also is a graduate of Champlain Valley Union High School, and credits the CSSU with providing the foundation for ongoing growth. He also likes baking. A lot. And fishing. Much so. And teaching, so please consider coming by.

To register or for more information, contact the Lyric office at 802-658-1484 or