“Over the past 19 months, we sang from our living rooms, danced in fields and on screens, sewed masks by the thousands, and stayed more connected with each other, and more certain of the relevance of Lyric Theatre Company than ever before. In this final period before it once again says “Lyric Theatre Presents” on the Flynn marquee, I am asking you to help get us over the finish line, and support Lyric in our 48th Season, with as much enthusiasm as you ever have before. We are almost there!” – Erin

Click the “Donate” button to support Lyric right now, or via snail mail at the address below. 

Lyric Theatre Company
7 Green Tree Drive
South Burlington, VT 05403

If you need assistance with donation records, or have a question about giving to Lyric Theatre Company, please contact Ryan Addario at (802) 658-1484.

Debut Donors

For all of the young professionals and recent graduates who love and value this now historic community organization, the time has come to also become its stewards. The best way to do this, is by becoming a Debut Donor today.

Thankfully, local arts are a place where modest donation amounts can have a real, profound impact. For a few dollars a month, a small group of young donors like you could costume someone for the Flynn stage, or pay for the tuition of a LyricKids camper in this summer. Think about what Lyric means to you, and if it’s worth an investment equal to a streaming service, or plate of fries on a Saturday night.

How to Make your debut!

Take a look at some of the giving levels below, and their equivalent values and then click the “Debut Donors” button. Then, just check “Make This a Monthly Donation”. (You won’t have to think about it again until you get a new card!)

$4.99/mo | Apple+ / one pint of Ben & Jerry’s.
$8.99/mo | Netflix / sweet potato fries at Leunig’s.
$12.99/mo | Amazon Prime / four-pack of Heady Topper.