Seeking Proposals for Spring 2025 Flynn Main Stage Blockbusters Deadline Extended x2

The Production Selection and Evaluation Committee is now seeking proposals for our Spring 2025 production. We are especially interested in mounting a blockbuster along the lines of: Beauty and the Beast, Kinky Boots, The Little Mermaid, Seussical the Musical, Singin’ in the Rain, or Cinderella.

The deadline for written proposals is January 31st, 2024.


If you would like to propose, please contact Jennifer Warwick, Chair of the Production Selection Committee (, or if you need any preliminary questions answered, please contact Lyric Executive Director, Erin Evarts ([email protected]).

Below is an overview of the proposal process for Main Stage Productions, including some guidelines and suggestions, as well as some questions that may come up during process.

Starting the Process of Proposing a Main Stage Production

If you have an idea for a production that you would like to pursue, you may first reach out to our Executive Director, Erin Evarts (, if you have any questions. If you would find it helpful, a liaison from the Production Selection Committee will work with you to help you through the process of preparing your proposal. The Executive Director and Lyric Office Staff will handle inquires and applications to secure royalties and provide estimated costs for all shows in advance of a proposal, if applicable.

What to Prepare

 Identify a Production Supervisor and Director, as well as Music Director and Choreographer, when applicable. Include relevant experience of team members.

  • A short, written summary of your vision for the show, cast needs, proposed venue, and possible production dates.
  • A preliminary budget (with the help of the Lyric Office and/or the Finance Committee)
  • Overview of technical, rehearsal, and physical set needs, when applicable.
  • Script and/or score, if requested.

The Proposal

The Production Supervisor and Director (and any other team members desired) will meet with the Production Selection Committee to formally propose the production. The Committee will ask questions in order to get a complete picture of the vision and scope. The Committee will then decide whether or not to recommend the proposal to the Lyric Board.

Once a proposal is recommended by the Production Selection Committee, the Production Supervisor will be asked to meet with the Finance Committee, which will also review the proposal and make its recommendation as well to the Lyric Board. It is possible that either committee might ask a team to make changes to its proposal in order to be considered.

If both committees recommend the production, the Lyric Board will vote on whether or not to accept the proposal, and move forward.

Criteria for Approval
  • Production has broad-based appeal to community and Lyric audience.
  • Appropriate for directors, cast, and crew available to Lyric.
  • Likelihood of being profitable or revenue neutral.
  • Artistic value for community and Lyric membership.
  • Can be produced in a manner that does not impede concurrent Lyric productions.
  • Provides volunteer opportunities for a broad swath of Lyric membership.

If the proposal is accepted, you will be contacted promptly and can begin working with Lyric’s Executive Director to plan and schedule auditions, rehearsals, and fill any remaining roles on your team. A copy of the Production Manual will also be provided to the Team that provides a variety of vital information regarding job descriptions, auditions, and other relevant policies and procedures.