Volunteer for Lyric Theatre Company

For every one person on stage in a Lyric Theatre production, there are at least three others who have contributed their behind-the-scenes talent to bring the show to life. Volunteers work with Lyric for many reasons. Some want to share a talent in sewing costumes or set building, some want to learn new skills and make new friends with a shared love of theatre.

Whether you have one hour to give or twenty, all we ask of our volunteers is their commitment and willingness to learn from one another. Joining Lyric Theatre is a great way to meet new people and share the excitement of producing a wide variety of productions for our community!

Staying Safe at Lyric

  • Everyone aged 12 or older up must show proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter the Lyric Creative Space or a Lyric event.
  • Proof must be in the form of a CDC-issued Vaccination Record Card, and for adults, a matching photo ID. (This may be done digitally.)
  • Effective February 1, 2022: Everyone aged 5 and older must provide proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 — including a booster, if eligible.
  • Plain, cloth masks are no longer an acceptable form of facial covering in the Lyric Creative Space. Please upgrade to medical masks such as KN95 or N95. Masks must remain covering your nose and mouth at all times.
  • Please socially-distance as much as possible when in the building and at Lyric functions.
  • Medical and age exemptions will be accepted in accordance with CDC guidelines, and must be arranged with the Executive Director prior to arrival at any Lyric event, or to the Lyric Creative Space.

Volunteer Opportunities
Check out our website and social media pages for opportunities as they become available. If you don’t have time to volunteer, please consider becoming a member. Lyric Members help to support our theatre company in so many ways, and receive some really exciting benefits!

For Current Volunteers
Please click the following link to submit your volunteer hours online: Lyric Volunteer Hours Submission Portal

For More Information
Call us: 802-658-1484
E-mail: office@lyrictheatrevt.org

Stanley Greenberg Volunteer of the Year Award Recipients

2021 | The Lyric Community
2020 | Ian Ferris
2018 | Linda Goodhue Fleury
2017 | Tomomi Ueda
2016 | Tom Dunn
2015 | Sarah Crowley
2014 | Margaret Welch
2013 | Sean Leach
2012 | Michael Tutt
2011 | Ann Vivian & Doug Viehmann
2010 | Cheri Forsythe
2009 | Belinda Emerson
2008 | Rob Parzych
2007 | Geri Ann Higgins
2006 | Freda Tutt
2005 | Wendy Naylor
2004 | Tom O’Brien
2003 | Kathy Richards
2002 | Cathie Covey
2001 | Pat Boera
2000 | Pam Carter
1999 | Stanley Greenberg