Tommy 2016 Poster

The Who’s, Tommy was performed from November 10-13th 2016 on the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts main stage.

Production Supervisor: Syndi Zook
Director: George Walker
Music Director: Nate Venet
Choreographer: Nikki Boutin
Stage Manager: Cheri Forsythe
Assistant Stage Manager: Kristina McSalis
Assistants to the Choreographer: Donna Antell & Tara Mayhew
Stage Flight & Stunt Choreography: Paul Ugalde


Mrs. Walker: Megan Beaucage
Capt. Walker: Ian Ferris
Uncle Ernie: Grady Shea
Minister/Judge: Howard Kalfus*
Nurses: Kate Whalen, Emma Jenkins*, Erin Boyer*
Officers: Stephen e. Smith* Evan Brown*
The Love: Matt Bacewicz
Tommy Age 4: Lucas Moran*
Tommy/Narrator: Samuel Dickin*
Tommy Age 10: Ronnie Farrell*
Cousin Kevin: Jayden Choquette
Minister’s Wife: Chloë Fidler
Kevin’s Mother: Maggie Schreier*
Kevin’s Father: Stephen E. Smith
Local Lads, Dance Ensemble: Peter Garrow*, Isaiah Gilbert, Weller Henderson
Local Lasses, Dance Ensemble: Maria Beattie*, Kaitie Bessette, Michelle Miller, Julia Sioss, Kate Whalen, Sarah Wright
Hermonica Player and Hawker: Erin Boyer, Evan Brown
The Gypsy: Jenn Adams
Pinball Lad #1: Matt Bacewicz
Pinball Lad #2: Weller Henderson
The Specialist: Stephen E. Smith
The Specialist’s Assistant: Emma Jenkins
Sally Simpson: Kaitie Bessette
Mr. & Mrs. Simpson: Matt Bacewicz, Chloë Fidler
Security Guards: Isaiah Gilbert, Peter Garrow, Weller Henderson, Sarah Wright
Tommy’s Dancers: Maria Beattie, Michelle Miller, Julia Sioss, Kate Whalen

Technical Team

Scenic Design: Tom Dunn
Set Engineer: Tim Henderson
Set Construction: Ted Anderson
Pinball Machine Construction: Paul Ledak
Set Decoration: Cathie Covey
Projections: Jeremy LaClair
Costume Design: Suzanne Kneller
Wardrobe Manager: Mararet Spivack
Lighting Design: David Schraffenberger
Master Electrician: Don Mersereau
Sound Design: Harry Chaikin
Sound Effects Design: Phillip England
Properties: Karyn Dubie & Carolyn Gauthier
Hair and Make-Up Design: Sarah Crowley
Safety & Security: George Henry & Bill McSalis
Kid Wranglers: Manisha Munshi & Emma McSalis

Business Team

Promotion: Erin E. Evarts
Program: Bob Bolyard
Graphic Design: Shawn Patrick Rice
Photography: Stephen Mease
Promotional Wear: Debby “Dot” Decker
Receptions: J. Brent Garrow
Box Office: Joann Stanfield & Lyric Office Staff
House: Heidi & Bill Suiter

*Denotes first time in a Lyric Theatre main stage production