The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd was performed from July 23-26, 1992 on the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts main stage.

Production Supervisor: Kathy Farrell
Director: David Bailey
Assistant Director: Freda Farrell
Artistic Advisor: Linda Henzel
Music Director: Trecia Pallman-Hamilton
Choreographer: Pam Audette
Stage Manager: Beth Curtis
Assistant Stage Manager: Polly Howlett
Rehearsal Pianist: John Henzel


Sir: Kenneth Wade
Cocky: Robert Demic
The Kid: Pamela Toof
The Girl: Betsy Whyte
The Negro: Fred Ralston
The Bully: Michael Dunphy
The Urchins: Heather Bodman, Heather Burrows, Jenna Close, Kathy Doyle, Paulette Dunn, Alissa Juvan, Megumi Onishi, Kate Whalen, Betsy Whyte

Design Team

Set Designers: Vern Emerson, Regina Quinn
Lighting Designer: Pol Senecal
Costume Designers: Carolyn Dorfman, Betsey Ives

Business Team

Box Office: Esther Perelman, Cindy Block, Chuck Keeler
House: Richard Hanzel, Danielle Deschurthneer, Chuck Keeler, Richard Plouffe
Photographer: Paul Ugalde
Program: Bob Bolyard, Linda Whalen
Promotion: Kathy Farrell, Jackie Kimel, John Bielicki, Pat Boera, Shirley Briggs, Linda Knight, Stephen Pendo, Jerry Ann Stewart, Pat Willey