The King & I was performed from April 29 – May 2, 2004, on the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts main stage.

Production Supervisors: Stan Wollaston, Stephen Kendall
Artistic Director: Ken Wolvington
Assistant Director: Corey N. Gottfried
Music Director: Stan Greenberg
Assistant Music Director: Jennifer Carpenter
Choreographer: Maggi Hayes
Stage Manager: Pam Carter
Assistant Stage Manager: Shirley Sweet
Rehearsal Pianist: Carol Wilcox Schein
Vocal Coach: Kathryn Tampas


Anna Leonowens: Kelly Kendall
King Mongkut: Mark Cranmer
Lady Thiang: Donna Boiselle
The Kralahome: Patrick Houle
Tuptim: Victoria Drew
Lun Tha: Kevin Collins
Louis Leonowens: Julian Lacroix
Prince Chulalongkorn: Ethan Hain
Sir Edward Ramsay: Philip Colteryahn
Captain Orton: Chris Martens

Wives of the King: Martha Alexander, Rachel Boyers, Amanda Brooklyn, Catrina DiNapoli, Elizabeth Gerber, Susan Hong, Wendy Naylor, Heidi Tappan, Karen Trudeau, Helaine Unger, Wendy Valastro

Children of the King: Eliza Anastasio, Bridgette Bartlett, Grace Blewer, Campbell Dunsmore, Blaize Hall, Frankie Hall, Zachary Hall, Owen Rachampbell, Gillian Shelley, Ilana Unger, Elana Valastro, Jess Wolvington

Amazons: Melanie Henderson, Diane Ravenscroft, Tracy True, Christia Weakland

Men’s Chorus: Ben Barker, Kevin Bosley, Gregory Burroughs, Travis Hathaway, Timothy Maynes, Tim Stetson

Design Team

Set Design: Cheri Forsythe
Set Engineer: Vern Emerson
Costume Design: Suzanne Kneller
Lighting Design: Tom Dunn
Sound Design & Engineer: Tom McKenny
Make-up Design: Marianne Kendall

Business Team

Box Office: Joann Stanfield
House: Diane Leach
Program: Linda Whalen
Promotion: Pat Boera, Karyn Dubie
Promotional Wear: Carolyn Gauthier
Safety & Security: Ron Gauthier