The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas was performed from November 12-15, 1992 on the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts main stage.

Production Supervisor: Len Beams
Director: Bob Saikevicz
Music Director: Steve Weibust
Choreographer: Nancy Watkin
Stage Manager: Pam Carter
Assistant Stage Manager: Ron Gauthier
Rehearsal Pianist: Maura Campbell


Doatsey Mae/MPT Singer/Commando: Pam Barden
Jewel: Donna Boisselle
Aggie/Hired Hand/Cameraman/Heckler/Cowboy: Dan Chant
Aggie/Hired Hand/Dogette/Heckler/Cowboy: Chuck Conner
Narrator/Cowboy/MPT Assistant/Chip Brewster/Bus Driver/Photographer/Reporter: Andy Covington
Aggie/Slick Dude/Cowboy/MPT Singer/Heckler: Mark Cranmer
Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd: Curt Curtis
Aggie/Shy Kid/Dogette/Heckler/Cowboy: Josh Curtis
Ruby Rae/Angelette/Choir/MPT Singer: Theresa Dean
Hired Hand/Cowboy/Announcer/Photographer/Aid: Joe Dye
Reporter/Imogene Charlene/Commando: Mary Ann Ficociello
Edsel Mackey/Hired Hand/Photographer: Jeffrey Fox
Aggie/Cowboy/Hired Hand: Sheriefs Gamble
Senator Wingwoah/Rufus Pointdexter/Cameraman: John Gravel
Shy: Julie Hovious
Angelette/Choir/Commando/Reporter/Heckler: Cate Lamb
Durla/Angelette: Beth Manning
Mona Stangley: Lue McWilliams
Dawn/Angelette: Melanie Paquin
Beatrice/Angelette/Choir/MPT Singer: Kris Parker
Amber: Kat Piccirillo
Eloise/Choir/Angelette/MPT Singer: Jamie Schettino
Taddy Jo, Angelette: Diane Smith
Aggie/Hired Hand/Dogette/Cowboy: Jim Snedeker
Governor/Commando/C.J. Scruggs/Salesman: Bob Stanfield
Aggie/Hired Hand/Dogette/Heckler/Cowboy: Tim Stetson
Wulla Jean: Kathryn Tampas
Linda Lou/Angelette: Lois Trombly
Melvin P. Thorpe: George Walker
Aggie/Choir/MPT Singer/Cowboy: Carl Wimble
Ginger/Angelette: Betsy Whyte

Design Team

Costume Design: Shari Bergstein
Lighting & Scenic Design: Tom Dunn
Set Concept: Norman Shultz

Business Team

Business Manager: Carolyn Gauthier
Box Office: Joann Stanfield
House: Gene Hallman, Sharon Hallman
Photography: Martin LaVallee
Program: Linda Whalen, Bob Bolyard
Promotion: Pat Boera, Laurie Dana, John Gravel
Promotional Wear: Syndi Zook