South Pacific was performed from November 9-12, 2000 on the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts main stage.

Production Supervisor: Linda Whalen
Assistant Production Supervisors: Katie Owens, Stan Wollaston
Artistic Director: Bob Saikevicz
Assistant Director: Cecelia Dry
Music Director: Stan Greenberg
Assistant Music Director: Carol Wheel
Rehearsal Pianist: Carol Wilcox-Schein
Vocal Coach: Kathryn Tampas
Choreographers: Lizzyann Lucena-Moore, Doris O’Brien
Stage Manager: Pam Carter
Assistant Stage Manager: Michael Tutt
Dialect Coach: Marie Couture
Military Advisor: Harry Landon


Jerome: Ben Barker
Ngana: Sarah Barker
Emile de Becque: Bill Bickford
Lt. Joe Cable: James Blanchard
Stewpot: Bob Cseh
Cmdr. William Harbison: David Dinsmore
Bloody Mary: Kelly Andrews Kendall
Capt. George Brackett: Al Myers
Professor: Don Patrick O’Connell
Luther Billis: Michael Ravey
Liat: Cynthia Villarimo
Ensign Nellie Forbush: Betsy Whyte

Women’s Ensemble: Martha Alexander, Freda Aysse, Kate Barker, Phyllis Stambolian Cole, Rachel Davidson, Jennifer Foley, Hillary Hazan, Mindy Hinsdale, Tyleen Kelly, Kimberly Keniley-Ashbrook, Ellen O’Brien, Donna Riera, Ebby Rylant

Men’s Ensemble: Lee Beckwith, James Cronan, W.G. “Curt” Curtis, Andrew Jackson, Stephen Kendall, Jared Marcotte, Paul Miller, Scott Mitchell, Andrew Rash, Terence Wills

Design Team

Set Design: Cheri Forsythe
Lighting Design: Don Mersereau
Costume Design: Lyn Feinson
Sound Reinforcement: Tom McKenny
Artistic Coordinator: Suzanne Kneller

Business Team

Box Office: Joann Stanfield
House: Anna Deller, Barb Farrington, Dick Labrecque
Party: Dorothea Penar, Penny Companion, Jean Miller, Melanie Morrill, Geoffrey Penar, Peter Penar, Helen Phillippe
Photography: Bill Lorenz
Program: Susan Hong, Kate Whalen, Kevin Collins
Promotions: Laurie Dana, Jack von Behren, Pat Boera, Nick Caycedo, Andrea Cronan, Maggie Macleay, Melanie Morrill, Katie Owens, Jennifer Pitz, Cindi Villarimo
Logo & Poster Design: Cheri Forsythe
Promotional Wear: Carolyn Gauthier
Properties: Cathy Covey, Connie Kite, Pam Audette, Myra Dow, Susan Ray, Cathy Rylant, Sam Park, Kay Stambler, Susannah Venbjerg
Safety & Security: Ron Gauthier, Lee Marchessault