Seussical the Musical was performed from April 6-9, 2006 on the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts main stage.

Production Supervisor: Sean Leach
Artistic Director/Choreographer: Johanna Boyce
Music Director: Wendy Valastro
Stage Manager: Belinda Emerson
Assistant Stage Manager: Donna Riera
Assistant Director: Christna Weakland
Assistant Director for Visual & Special Effects: Cathy Rylant
Assistant Musical Director: Grace Freeman
Assistant Choreographer: Susan Hong


Cat in the Hat: Ben Van Buren

Jungle Animals

Horton the Elephant: Justin Bouvier
Gertrude McFuzz: Hannah Whitney
Mayzie La Bird: Serena Magnan O’Connell
Sour Kangaroo: Nora Conlan
Bird Girl (Trapeze Artist/Dance Captian): Ebby Rylant
Bird Girl (Trapeze Artist): Jenn Foley
Wickersham Brother (Hunter, Strong Man): Don Patrick O’Connell
Wickersham Brother (Hunter, Lion Tamer): Kevin Collins
Wickersham Brother (Hunter, Tumbler): Matt Parisi
Young Roo (Fiffer Fiffer Feff): Elana Valastro
Yertle Turtle (Circus Nanupp): Steve Kendall
Vlad Vladikoff (Snorkler, Circus Poodle, Hunch): Chris Brown
Eaglet (Fish, Clown): Haley Reicher
Leopard (Fish, Clown Tumbler, Hunch): Corey Camerlengo
Gazelle (Fish, Circus Glam, Hunch): Grace Rao
Lizard (Fish Circus Marge, Hunch): Kim Nowlan
Zebra (Fish, Clown Juggler, Hunch): Jacob Tischler
Tamarin (Fish, Clown, Hunch): Annie Gunberg
Poison Frog (Fish, Clown): Allison Zengilowski

Who Citizens

Jojo: Callum Adams
Mr. Mayor: Tony Cacciatore
Mrs. Mayor: Sabrina Sydnor
General Genghis Khan Schmitz: Sam Kunz
The Grinch (Circus Snail): Ian Cramer
Mrs. Umbroso (Drum Tummy): Freda Tutt
Mrs. Mackel-Who (Drum Tummy): Kim Swain
Mr. McElligot (Clown): Tim Maynes
Cadet (Clown): Jess Wolvington
Cadet (Clown): Cameron Brownell
Cadet (Clown): Connor Kendall
Who Girl (Cadet, Plate Twirler): Elish Anderson
Who Girl (Cadet, Plate Twirler): Ameila Munson
Cindy Lou Who (Clown): Grace Experience Blewer
Cindy Too Who (Clown): Julia Crane


Set Design: Belinda Emerson
Costume Design: Donna Collins
Lighting Design/Production Electrician: Patrick Clow
Sound Design/Engineer: Corey Gottfried
Props Design: Todd Hanley
Make-up/Hair Design: Mike Ravey
Make-up Hair Design Assistant: Mary Lou Lord
Graphic Design: Susang Hong & Lis Gerber

Business Team

Box Office: Joann Stanfield
House: Diane Leach
Mardi Gras Parade: Steve Kendall, Patrick Clow, Rebecca Brooklyn
Photography: Karen Pike
Production Parties: Rebecca Babich, Ali Peterson, Sarah Tischler, Kerstin Anderson, Cathy Anderson, Ted Anderson, Mindy Bickford, Jessica Britt, Eve Hoar, Courtney Iverson, Sierra Marcy, Dan Marcy, Deborah Schapiro, Jacob Tischler, Jane Van Buren, Micaela Wallace, Erika Wolffing
Promotion: Pat Boera, Chris Bohjalian, Greg Burroughs, Laurie Dana, Gail Deuso, Lis Gerber, Susan Hong, Syndi Zook, Kathy Hubbard, Michael Tutt, The Lyric PR & Marketing Committee, 50+ Expo Volunteers; and cast, crew, production team, and family members for Seussical™