Peter Pan was performed from November 11-14, 2010 on the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts main stage.

Production Supervisor: Rosalind Saunders
Artistic Director: Timothy Maynes
Music Director: Nate Venet
Choreographer: Kate Whalen
Stage Manager: Freda Tutt
Assistant Stage Manager: Leigh Sweet
Assistant to the Director: Sara McDonald
Vocal Coach: Kathryn Tampas
Rehearsal Pianist: Craig Hilliard


Peter Pan: Kerstin Anderson

Darling Family

Mrs. Darling: Betsy Whyte
Mr. Darling: Roy Cutler
Wendy: Ruby McCafferty
John: Tim Lewis
Michael: Stella Pappas
Liza: Julia DiFerdinando
Nana/Croc: Max Bisaccia


Captain Hook: Don Patrick O’Connell
Smee: Patrick Clow
Starkey: David V. Babbott
Cecco: Paul Carlile
Noodler: Stephen Kendall
Jukes: Benjamin Leibman
Mullins: Marc Tischler
Skylights: Jack Quint
Bollard: Steve Adams
Kelt: Michael Tutt
Flounder: Peter Silverman
Foggerty: Travis Hathaway
Grapple: Ryan Leclerc
Calico Jim: Roy Cutler

Lost Boys

Slightly Soiled: Julia Rose Stanton
Tootles: Declan Quinlan
Curly: Kailin Farrell
Nibs: Hunter Groff
Twin #1: Anders Ode
Twin #2: Jonny Barden
Scratch: Issac Dodson
Pockets: Pearl Guerriere
Badger: Jonathan Leibman
Lucky: Jackon Bisaccia
Jackpot/Jane: Sawyer Thomspon


Tiger Lily: Elana Valastro
Indian/Grown Wendy: Avalon Kann
Indian/Kangaroo: Julia Anderson Crane
Indian/Lion: Scott Remick
Indian/Zebra: Alissa Auerbach
Indian/Giraffe: Serena Magnan O’Connell
Indian/Monkey: Jeremey Lawyer
Indian/Peacock: Kim Nowlan
Indian: Christopher Martin
Indian: Kerry Whalen
Indian: Brad Enos
Indian: Michelle Miller
Indian: Mary Collins
Indian: Jenn Foley
Indian: Molly Leitch
Indian: Justine Tibbits


Set Design: Belinda Emerson, Milford Cushman
Costume Design: Dawn Dudley
Lighting Design: Don Mersereau
Sound Design: Corey N. Gottfried
Make-up Design: Kelley Lane
Hair Design: Rob Parzych

Technical Team

Technical Director: Sean Leach
Set Engineer: Vern Emerson
Set Construction: Charlie Church, John DeRienzo
Set Decoration: Cheri Forsythe, & Cathy Rylant
Costume Construction: Diantha Howard, Andi Olsen
Props & Special Effects: Cathie Covey

Business Team

Box Office: Joann Stanfield
Graphic Design: Elisabeth Gerber
House: Kathy Anderson, Pat Boera
Photography: Stephen Mease
Program: Linda Whalen
Promotions & Promotional Wear: Erin Evarts
Safety & Security: Tim Stetson

*Denotes first time in a Lyric Theatre main stage production