Peter Pan was performed from April 27-30, 2000 on the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts main stage.

Production Supervisor: Pam Carter
Director: Patrick Clow
Music Director: Stanley Greenburg
Assistant Music Director: Rebecca Stone
Choreographer: Johanna Boyce
Assistant Choreographer: Karen Amirault
Fight Choreographer: Paul Ugalde
Stage Manager: Freda Aysse
Assistant Stage Manager: Barbara Tkach


Peter Pan: Jen Lavoie
Mr. Darling/Captain Hook: Leon Fred
Mrs. Darling: Kristen Bures
Wendy Darling: Kate Whalen
John Darling: Benjamin Paulsen
Michael Darling: Bailey Hoar
Liza/Croc: Elizabeth Page
Nana: Melinda Hood
Jane: Kate Kendall
Tiger Lily: Kate Kennedy
Smee: Bob Cseh

Lost Boys

Curly: Andrew Biss
Hobbes: Zachary Campbell
Slightly: Ethan Hain
Nibs: Kate Kendall
Twin #1: Geoffrey Penar
Tootles: Paul Watts
Twin #2: Nicole Williams


Rain Maiden: Kiowa Bryan
Darting Dragon: Kristen Bures
Spinning Breeze: Billie Larson
Sapphire Fox: Emily Mara
Dancing Oak: Katie Owens
Early Morning Dove: Bethany Sheldon
Flying Gazelle: Heidi Tappan
Kissed by Fire: Cyndi Villarimo


Noodler: Kevin Collins
Mullins: Steve Contompasis
Flint: Nathan Courtright
Cecco: Josh Curtis
Smollett: Wayne Hobbs
Starkey: Steve Kendall
Ben Gunn: Robert Morris
Silver: Scott Remick
Black Dog: Robert Root
Bill Jukes: Michael Tutt

Design Team

Set Designer: Vern Emerson
Scenic Designer: Claudia MacRae
Lighting Designer: Don Mersereau
Costume Designer: Karen Luciano
Make-up Designer: Marianne Kendall
Sound Re-enforcement: Bill Kneen

Business Team

Box Office: Joann Stanfield
House: Anna Deller, Barb Farrington, Dick Labrecque
Party Coordinator/Board Liason: Jennifer Warwick-Sokolowski
Photography: Bill Lorenz, Kevin Macy
Program: Andrea Cronan, Linda Whalen, Jennifer Nokes
Cover & Poster Design: Sharon Wille Padnos
Promotional Wear: Carolyn Gauthier, Allison Marchessault
Promotions: Pat Boera, Bev Hill, Patti Reed, John Bielicki, Gregory Burroughs, Mallory Carpenter, Phyllis Cole Barbara Mossberg, Diane Potvin, Susan Ray, Sue Steffen
Properties: Kelly Kendall, Betsy Whyte, Janet Bessmer, Liz Heun, Connie Kite, Janet Stambolian, Penny Richards, Susanne Whyte
Safety & Security: Ron Gauthier, Lee Marchessault