Lyric Theatre Company

Lyric is a non-profit corporation dedicated to producing and fostering quality theatre in Vermont. Our membership is completely volunteer. With the exception of the orchestra, everyone on stage and behind the scenes is unpaid. Lyric’s 400+ members make it one of the largest theatre organizations in the U.S.

For every one person on stage in a Lyric Theatre production, there are at least three others who have contributed their behind-the-scenes talent to bring the show to life. Volunteers work with Lyric for many reasons. Some want to share a talent in sewing costumes or set building.

For others, it is a love of theatre and a desire to learn about its many aspects. Whether you have one hour to give or twenty, all we ask of our volunteers is their commitment and willingness to learn.

Joining Lyric Theatre is a great way to meet new people and share the excitement of producing a show seen by over 8,700 people!

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