Les Misérables was performed from April 4-13, 2014 on the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts main stage.

Production Supervisor: Stephen Kendall
Artistic Director: Kelly A. Kendall
Music Director: Martin Hain
Choreographer: Jane Burchard
Stage Manager: Sean Leach
Assistant Stage Manager: Todd Hanley
Assistant to the Director: Kim Nowlan Hathaway
Fight Choreographer: Patrick Clow
Vocal Coach: Kathryn Tampas
Rehearsal Pianist: Carol Schein


Jean Valjean, a paroled French convict: Ian Ferris
Javert, a Police Inspector:  Mark Cramner
Marius Pontmercy, a student: Michael Yassick
Enjolras, Revolutionary Leader: Benjamin Hain
Bishop of Digne: Gilles Fortin*
Thenardier, a corrupt Innkeeper: Bob Bolyard
Gavroche, a child of the Paris streets: Nathan Brown
Fantine, a Factory Worker: Abby Maurice*
Cosette, Fantine’s Daughter: Merrill Cameron*
Eponine, the Thenardier’s daughter: Kianna Jensen
Madame Thenardier, the Innkeeper’s wife: Margaret Garafalo
Young Cosette: Amelia Mason*
Young Eponine: Ella Rose Polli*

Student Revolutionaries

Combeferre: Ryan Morra*
Feuilly: Tim Lewis
Courfeyrac: Eric Rainville
Joly: Nicholas Caycedo
Jean Prouvaire: Brice Guerriere
Lesgles: Andrew Parise
Grantaire: Jayden Choquette

Other Named Roles

The Farmer, Prologue: Patrick Clow
The Innkeeper, Prologue: Thomas Loudon
Innkeeper’s Wife, Prologue: Andrea Underhill
Constables: Matt Bacewicz, Owen Brady
Factory Foreman: Don Patrick O’Connell
Factory Girl: Elisabeth Gerber
Factory Women: Stacy Bressette, Christina Weakland, Helen Weston*, Andrea Underhill
Bamatabois: Ryan Addario*
Fauchelevant: George Walker
Army Officer on the Barricade: Matt Bacewicz


Convicts/Guards: Ryan Addario*, Owen Brady, Nicholas Caycedo, Erik Freeman, Michael Gilman*, Brice Guerriere, Ryan Morra*, Robert O’Niel*, Andrew Parise, Eric Rainville, Scott I. Remick, Paul Reynolds, George Walker*, Nathan Wildfire*

“Lovely Ladies”: Alissa Auerbach, Stacy Bressette, Vanessa Cousins*, Elisabeth Garber, Hannah Marshall*, Serena Magnan O’Connell, Rebecca Raskin, Gillian Wildfire, Christina Weakland, Helen Weston*, and Michael Gilman* as the Pimp

Thenardier’s Gang: Patrick Clow, Don Patrick O’Connell, Scott Remick, Nathaniel Miller

“Turning” Women: Stacy Bressette, Grace Chris, Amelia Mason*, Ella Rose Polli*, Carly Trudeau, Andrea Underhill, Christina Weakland, Helen Weston*, Betsy Whyte, Heather Yassick

Women’s Ensemble: Jayne Methot-Walker, Elizabeth Pattison*, Kyle Silliman-Smith* and the “Lovely Ladies,” “Turning” Women, and “Other Named Roles”

Men’s Ensemble: Erik Freeman, Michael Gilman*, Thomas Loudon, Robert O’Neil*, Andy Whitaker*, Nathan Wildfire* and the “Students” and “Other Named Roles”

Design Team

Scenic Design & Projection Images: Cheri Forsythe
Costume Design: Lyn Feinson
Lighting Design: Andy Pearson
Projection Design: Tom Dunn
Sound Design: Corey Neil Gottfried
Sound Effects Design: Jeffrey Fox
Make-up Design: Kelley Lane
Hair Design: Ron Cook, Jennifer Honeywood
Properties: Mary Kenny, Connie Kite

Technical Team

Technical Director/Special Effects: Belinda Emerson
Set Engineer: Vern Emerson
Set Construction: Ted Anderson, Tim Henerson
Set Decoration: Cathy Rylant
Costume Construction: Debby “Dot” Decker
Mardi Gras Parade: Michael Tutt & Don Patrick O’Connell

Business Team

Box Office: Joann Stanfield
House: Julianne Nickerson, Elizabeth Wilkins
Program: Linda Whalen
Promotional/Graphic Design: Pat Boera
Photography: Karen Pike, Daria Bishop
Promotional Wear: Sarah Knight, Karyn Dubie
Party Coordinator: Sarah Tischler
Safety & Security: George Henry

*Denotes first time in a Lyric Theatre main stage production