Into the Woods was performed from April 17-20, 1997 on the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts main stage.

Production Supervisor: Joann Stanfield
Director: Bob Stanfield
Music Director: Stanley Greenberg
Assistant Music Director: Joseph Antonioli
Movement Director: Tanya Cimonetti
Stage Manager: Karyn Dubie
Assistant Stage Manager: Shari Bergstein
Rehearsal Pianists: Shirley Smith, Tom Cleary


Narrator: Bob Saikevicz
Cinderella: Mindy Hinsdale
Jack: Duncan Nutter
Jack’s Mother: Kim Swain
Baker: Bill Bickford
Baker’s Wife: Mary Jo Clary
Cinderella’s Stepmother: Elizabeth Andrews
Florinda: Taryn Eisenberg
Lucinda: Elizabeth Page
Wood Spirit: Martha Alexander, Kate Whalen
Cinderella’s Father: Bob Cseh
Little Red Ridinghood: Andrea Cronan
Witch: Cathy Palmer
Cinderella’s Mother: Pam Toof
Mysterious Man: Bob Saikevicz
Wolf: Mark Cranmer
Granny: Pam Toof
Rapunzel: Betsy White
Rapunzel’s Prince: Corey Gottfried
Cinderella’s Prince: Mark Cranmer
Steward: Patrick Clow
Voice of the Baby: Pam Toof
Voice of the Giant: Pam Toof
Snow White: Kate Whalen
Sleeping Beauty: Martha Alexander

Design Team

Costume Design: Suzanne Kneller
Lighting Design: Pol Senecal
Set Design: Cherii Forsythe
Sound Design: Tom Mckenny

Business Team

Box Office: Joan Stanfield
Business Manager: Pam Carter
House: Stephanie Miner, Don Horenstein
Photography: Kevin & Ann Macy, Bill Lorenz
Program: Bob Bolyard, Linda Whalen