Guys & Dolls was performed from April 29 – May 2, 1976, on the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts main stage.

Director: Robert Stanfield
Music Director: Stephen Bloom
Choreographer: Polly Nulty
Production Supervisor: Esther French
Assistant Production Supervisor: Chester Cook
Stage Managers: Chet Cook, Sue Souther


The People of Runyonland

Benny Southstreet: Joe Dye
Nicely-Nicely Johnson: Sean Moran
Rusty Charlie: Allan Myers
Sarah Brown: Cathy Palmer
Arvide Abernathy: Walter Nulty

The Mission Band

Harry the Horse: George Milne
Lieut. Brannigan: John Clements
Nathan Detroit: Bob Saikevicz

The Guys

Miss Adelaide: Portia Arthur
Sky Masterson: Tom French
Joey Biltmore: John Ficociello

The People of the Hot Box
The Dolls

General Matilda Cartwright: Tom Hayes
Big Jule: Joyce Flanagan

The People of Havana
The Guys

Angie the Ox: Pete Angelone
Liver Lips Louie: Jeff Aronson
Scranton Slim: Rick Davis
Spanish John: John Gravel
Nick the Greek: Scott Hendrickson
Society Max: Bruce Hewitt
Dave the Dude: Daniel Laskin
Brandy Bottle Bates: Walter May
Little Isadore: Pat Rocheleau

The Dolls

Miss Billie Perry: Monica Farrington
Miss Mimi O’Toole: Mary Ann Ficociello
Miss Claricae VanCleve: Marcella Fulmer
Miss Maude Milligan: Elizabeth LaRosa
Miss Kitty Clancy: Linda Leary
Miss Midgie Muldoon: Syd Silverman
Miss Missouri Martin: Nancy Smith
Miss Liberty Belle: Audrey Tinsley

The Mission Band

Martha: Diantha Bartlett
Luther: Charlie Church
Agatha: Beverly LaPlante
Cecilia: Sherry Lauzon
Calvin: Don Wilder

Design Team

Set Designers: Howard Delano, Gib Smith
Artistic Designer: Lois Foley Whitcomb
Lighting Design: Bill Kneen
Guys & Dolls Logo: Lois Foley Whitcomb

Business Team

Business Manager: Jeffrey Aronson
Photography: Bill Kneen
Advertising Publicity: Jodi & Bill Benway
House: Susan Jenkins, Sue Castle, Elli Delano, Claudia Gilpin, Chuck Hoag, Deborah Myers, Mary Reed
Program: Jeanette Lascoumes, Jeff Aronson, Marcella Fulmer, Bruce Hewitt, Lillian Julow, Yancy Stillinger