Fiddler On the Roof was performed from April 1-4, 1993 on the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts main stage.

Production Supervisor: Charles C. Church
Artistic Director: Steve Janes
Assistant Director: Phil Scharf
Music Director: Steve Janes
Choreographer: Tanya Cimonetti
Stage Manager: Donna Riera
Assistant Stage Manager: Joann Stanfield


Tevy, the Dairyman: Bob Saikevicz
Golde, his wife: Helaine Unger
Tzeitel, their oldest daughter: Abbie Penfield
Hodel, their second daughter: Betsy Whyte
Chava, their third daughter: Guilaine Senecal
Shprintze, their fourth daughter: Sara Copeland
Bielke, their fifth daughter: Kate Whalen
Yente, the Matchmaker: Kathryn Tampas
Motel the Tailor: Chris Kent
Perchik, the Student: Bob Cseh
Mordcha, the Innkeeper: Jack Androski
Lazar Wolf, the Butcher: Al Myers
Rabbi: Bob Stanfield
Mendel, the Rabbi’s Son: Corey Gottfried
Avrahm, the Bookseller: David Cronin
Nachum, the Beggar:  King Milne
Grandma Tzeitel: Mary Jo Clary
Fruma-Sarah: Jo Ann Maguire
Constable: W.G. “Curt” Curtis
Fyedka: Nathan Kreps
Shandel, Motel’s mother: Liz Heun
Sasha: Carl Wimble
The Fiddler: Linda Henzel

The Villagers

The Papas: Michael Brown, Andrew Covington, John Gravel, Jay Swainbank, David Young

The Mamas: Phyllis Cole, Carol Izzo, Jo Ann Maguire, Beth Manning, Mary Morris, Barbara Ouimette

The Sons: Maja Freeman, J. Brent Garrow, Todd Lyon, Tim Stetson, Keith Varney

The Daughters: Siri Baruc, Kate Charlebois, Mary Jo Clary, Carolyn Dorfman, Molly Hassett, Jasmine Hillard, Kathleen Richards, Pam Toof, Lois Trombly

The Russians: Steve Avelleyra, David Dinsmore, Kim Kite, Robert Root, Terun Sabre Weed, Brian Worth

Design Team

Light Design: Phil Scharf
Set Design: Cheri Forsythe
Costume Design: Suzanne Kneller

Business Team

Box Office: Joann Stanfield
House: Molly Hassett, Andrea Feller, Jim Fitzgerald, Richard Hanzel, Colleen Mannix, Jamie Schettino
Photography: Kevin Macy, Jeffrey Fox
Program: Linda Whalen, Geri Amori, Pat Boera, Bob Bolyard, Pam Carter
Promotion: Laurie Dana, Peter Bouchard, Mary Ann Ficociello, Jeff Fox, John Gravel
Promotional Wear: Syndi Zook