Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was performed from April 5-8, 2018 on the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts main stage.

Production Supervisor: Serena Magnan O’Connell
Director: Andrea Cronan
Music Director: Martin Hain
Assistant Music Director: Howard Kalfus
Rehearsal Pianist: Carol Schein
Choreographer: Kate Whalen
Assistant Choreographer: Doris O’Brien
Stage Manager: Freda Tutt
Assistant Stage Manager: Donna Riera


Lawrence Jameson: Ryan Morra
Christine Colgate: Sarah Connor
Freddy Benson: Jayden Choquette
Muriel Eubanks: Chloë Fidler
Andre Thibault: Don Patrick O’Connell
Jolene Oakes: Hayley Ryan*

Women’s Ensemble: Megan Beaucage, Kaitie Bessette, Jane Burchard, Merrill Cameron, Brita Down, Megan Fariel*, Kim Nowlan Hathaway, Tabitha Kittle*, Tara Mayhew, Elizabeth Pattison, Emma Tichner*, Pam Toof

Men’s Ensemble: Mike Brayton*, Evan Brown, Paul Carlile, Samuel Dicken, Bob Driver, Ian Ferris, Isaiah Gilbert, Chris Martens, Rob Parzych, Andy Whitaker

*Denotes first time in a Lyric Theatre main stage production