Camelot was performed from November 8-17, 1979 on the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts main stage.

Director: Susan Kecskemethy
Assistant Director: Helaine Graman
Music Director: Tom French
Choreographer: Sharry Underwood
Production Supervisor: Mary Ann Ficociello
Stage Manager: John Ficociello
Assistant Stage Manager: Joann Stanfield


Arthur, King of all Britain: Paul Ugalde
Lancelot Du Lac, son of King Ban of France: Stephen Rainville
Pellinore, hunter of the questing beast: Harry Lantz
Mordred, bastard son of Arthur and Queen Morgause: Mark Quillen
Merlyn, magician, and tutor to Arthur: Bob Stanfield
Sir Dinadan, chamberlain of Arthur’s Court: David Cronin
Tom, a young lad from Warwick: Robert McCarthy
Dap, uncle, tutor, and squire to Lancelot: Arthur H. Scott
Pages: William Schubart, Adam Ciongoli
Heralds: Stuart Rosenthal, Edward Blaisdell
Horrid: Goody
Guenevere, daughter of King Leodegrance and Arthur’s Queen: Denise Whittier
Morgan Le Fey, Fairy Queen, and sister of Mordred’s mother Morganause: Catherine Walsh
Nimue, A Fairy Nymph: Catherine Palmer
Squires: Cheryl Stanfield, Michael Rowland, Jr.

The Court of Camelot

Sir Sagramore: John Gravel
Sir Lionel: Bill Thompson
Lord Agravaine: Tom Lavin
Lord Bliant: J. Louis Rächt
Sir Gawaine: Gerald Allard
Lord Clarius: Edward LeClaire
Sir Kay: Bruce Hewitt
Lord Colgrevance: Ken Koval
Sir Andrew: George Spelvin
Lord Castor: Robert Charbonneau
Lord Pynel: Craig Mozrall
Sir Guilliam: Bill Cruikshank
Lady Anne: Jo Ann Maguire
Lady Catherine: Constance Kite
Lady Sybil: Pamela Walker
Lady Elanor: Colleen Steen
Lady Irene: Denise Schattman
Lady Rosalind: Barbara Kotas
Lady Enid: Catherine Palmer
Lady Julia: Kim Swain
Lady Elaine: Janice Gambero
Lady Margaret: Mary Lou Peduzzi
Lady Elizabeth: Dorothy Tisbert
Lady Cecilia: Terry White


Dancers: Catherine Breen, Beverly Forsythe, Patricia Gabel, Donna Lefebvre, Evalyn Merrick, King Milne, Ruthmary Ugalde, Dawn Vanderslice

Tumblers: Laura Pascal, Greg Slywester, Jessica Robinson

Design Team

Set Design: Patrick Orr
Lighting Design & Special Effects: Michael Rowland
Poster/Program Cover Design: Eugenie Seidenberg

Business Team

Business Manager: Robert Sumner
Box Office: Jan Cronin, Carol Sankowski
Photographers: Bill Kneen, Deni Dickinson, Mary Barker, Liz Maxwell, John Villere
House: Jeannie Buchanan, Chet Cook, Marcia Nappi, Lois Vanderslice, Patti Plumb
Program: Pat Duquette, Mary Ann Rampe, Jean Ankeney, Jeffrey Aronson, Del Carpenter, Chet Cook, Gloria Dickinson, Joe Dye, Sue Quinn, Marion Sargent, Harrlet Rosenthal, Ann Webster