Join us for one of Burlington’s favorite new traditions, at the second annual Burlington Does Broadway. This New Year’s Eve concert is a collaboration between Lyric Theatre Company, Vermont Symphony Orchestra, Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, and Vermont PBS. This performance is generously presented by Vermont Federal Credit Union.


Nate Venet is Directing for Lyric Theatre this year, and Benjamin Klemme will once again be conducting the show.

Choreography by Kyla Paul and Sue Bailey.



Pam Audette

Hālee Bernier*

Kaitie Bessette

Merrill Cameron

RJ Chates*

Jayden Choquette

Miles Ellis Novotny*

Theo Ellis Novotny*

Justin Gardner

Anna Kalfus

Vonnie Murad*

Kylie Pollack

Hanlan Paquin

Carah Pioli-Hunt


Kim Anderson

Zoe Bernstein

Ingimar Björn Davíðsson*

Emma Blatt

Bob Bolyard

Megan Butterfield*

Philip Caycedo

Emily Chabot*

Jayden Choquette

Andrea Costello*

Victoria Drew

Miles Ellis Novotny*

Theo Ellis Novotny*

Carl Frenning

Jennifer Gagnon*

John Gravel

Jane Harissis*

Kylie Halpin

Howard Kalfus

Serena Magnan O’Connell

Ali Milazzo*

Vonnie Murad*

Doris O’Brien

Don Patrick O’Connell

Pam Osborne

Billy Ray Poli

Holly Raiche

Eric Rainville

Stephen Rainville

Kesha Ram*

Jose Schmidt

Rachael Sherman*

Sabrina Sydnor

Mark Tarnacki

Cathy Walsh

Stefanie Weigand*

Sarah Wright

Syndi Zook


*Denotes first time on the Lyric Mainstage