Nine to Five was performed from April 6-9, 2017 on the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts main stage.

Co-Production Supervisors: Rosalind Saunders, Mary Ellen Daniels
Artistic Director: 
Kristen Bures
Assistant Artistic Director:
Freda Tutt
Music Director: Ashley O’Brien
Assistant Music Director: Nate Venet
Choreographer: Corey Camerlengo
Assistant Choreographer: Christopher Brown
Stage Manager: Sean Leach
Assistant Stage Manager: Todd Hanley


Dolly Parton: Geri Ann Higgins
Violet Newstead: Andrea Cronan
Doralee Rhodes: Serena Magnan O’Connell
Judy Bernly: Kim Anderson
Franklin Hart, Jr: Don Patrick O’Connell
Joe: Michael McCann*
Roz Keith:  Pam Toof
Dwayne Rhodes: Christopher Hart
Josh Newstead: Nicholas Goodman*
Missy Hart: Hannah Marshall
Dick: Mark Cramner
Maria: Merrill Cameron
Kathy: Rachel Bruce Drew
Margaret: Sarah Wright
Bob: Corey Gottfried
Russell Tinsworthy: John Sonnick

Ensemble: Bob Bolyard, Evan Brown, Brita Down*, Chloë Fidler, Weller Henderson, Sabrina Leal, Kristin Miskavage, Skip Porter*, Anna Rossi*, Tim Stetson, Andy Whitaker

Featured Dancers: Brad Enos, Isaiah Gilbert, Tara Mayhew, Linda Nenonene*, Kim Nowlan, Julia Sioss, Sawyer Thompson, Kate Whalen

Technical Team

Technical Director: Belinda Emerson
Assistant to the Technical Director: Juiane Doupé Nickerson
Set Engineer: Doug Viehmann
Set Designer: Jane Harissis
Set Construction: Tim Henderson, Charlie Church
Set Decoration: Cathie Covey
Costume Designer: Lyn Feinson
Costume Construction: Debby Dot Decker
Lighting Designer/Master Electrician: Andy Pearson
Assistant Lighting Designer: Rory Craib
Sound Designer: Justin Bault
Properties: Mary McCann
Hair & Make-up Design: Sarah Crowley
Safety & Security: George Henry

Business Team

Box Office: Joann Stanfield
Graphic Designer: Shawn Rice
House: Pam Carter, Shirly Sweet
Photography: Tim Barden
Program: Linda Whalen
Promotions: Pat Boera
Promotional Wear: Karyn Dubie, Carolyn Gauthier
Receptions Coordinators: LSW Women’s Initiative
Mari Gras Float: Stephen Porter, Michael Tutt

*Denotes first time in a Lyric Theatre main stage production