Saavy Senior at the Lyric Theatre Company
Savvy Seniors at Lyric Theatre Company Vermont

Since 2008, Lyric Theatre Company has been developing and hosting a remarkable project called The Vermont Savvy Seniors. This is an important Community Service program that has reached hundreds of older Vermonters in that time, through dozens of free performances, given by Lyric volunteers known as the Lyric Legacy Players.

Vermont Savvy Seniors is a collaboration between Lyric Theatre Company, COVE: The Coalition of Vermont Elders and a Nationwide program SMP: The Senior Medicare Patrol Project.

Actors from Lyric Theatre Company volunteer to learn short skits about how senior citizens can protect themselves from identity theft, Medicare fraud and telephone and e-mail scams and well as how to get help receiving the healthcare plans that best fit their needs. Most of these skits are written by Lyric member Ken Wolvington.

These actors then travel all over the State of Vermont putting on a 40 -minute program that is both entertaining and enlightening to people of all ages. With titles like “No Wonder You’re Dizzy,” “Internet Follies,” and “A Canada Goose” this program is fun to do and fun to watch. The skits are followed by a question and answer period, that helps to direct people to resources they may need.

The Current Lyric Legacy Players are:

Audrey Arnold
Peggy Bonesteel
Anne Bula
Charlie Church
John Gravel
Pat Heise
Richard Hibbert
Rita Myers
Kimberly Rockwood
Bill Suiter

For information about having a Vermont Savvy Seniors program at your next club meeting, senior lunch or health fair, e-mail Anita Hoy at COVE [email protected]

For information about becoming a volunteer actor in Lyric’s Legacy Players e-mail Lyric’s Executive Director, Erin Evarts at [email protected].

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