Flynn Center for the Performing Arts • April 11-14 2019
Congratulations to the Mamma Mia Cast!

Thank you to everyone who came out to audition.

Mamma Mia Cast List – revised 1.14.19

Mamma Mia! Press Release
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Production Supervisor:

Margaret Welch

Technical Director:

Tom Dunn


Director: Michael Fidler
Music Director: Craig Hilliard
Choreographer: Sue Bailey
Stage Manager: Sean Leach
Assistant Stage Manager: Sarah Crowley
Rehearsal Pianist: Nate Venet

Design Team

Set Designer: Cheri Forsythe
Costume Designer: Lyn Feinson
Lighting Designer: Andy Pearson
Sound Designer: Steve Smith

Production Team

Set Decoration: Janet Bessmer
Set Construction: Ted Anderson, Len Rubin
Set Engineers:  Tim Henderson, Paul Ledak
Costumes: Laurie Dana, Robin Baker, Margaret Spivack
Special Effects: Belinda Emerson
Properties: Donna Riera, Mary Zimmerman
Make Up Design: Kelley Lane
Hair Design: Linda Goodhue Fleury
Safety & Security:  George Henry, Bill McSalis
Business Manager: Mary Ellen Daniels
Photographers: Jenn Adams, Bruce Cowan, Leif Tillotson, Steve Burt
Promotions: Pat Boera, Alise Certa, Heather Friedrichson, Pam Jacobs, Roz Saunders, Rachel Smith
Program: Linda Whalen
Promotional Wear: Karyn Dubie, Faith Leach
Box Office: Syndi Zook
House: Pam Carter, Shirley Sweet
Production Parties: Sarah Tischler

Lyric Theatre Company is proud to shine the spotlight on The Mahana Magic Foundation as our Community Partner during Mamma Mia!. Mahana Magic is a Vermont based organization that provides support for children who have a parent or loved one with cancer.  It was started by Greg Couture who realized that when he was diagnosed, there was no real support for his two young daughters.  There are over 10,000 children in Vermont who have a parent with cancer and they are often the forgotten victims.

If you have seen a Lyric show in the last thirty years, you have had the privilege of seeing this man’s work shine on center stage.  This February, the Lyric family and the Burlington community lost a dear friend, Ron Cook.  Ron was a long time Lyric member, designing hair for countless shows.  Ron took great pride in making sure everyone who stepped on the Flynn stage felt confident and beautiful.

As a performer, I love the details that help a character come to life.  Ron’s attention to these details helped every actor who sat in his chair give their very best performance.  I saw all the of the extra hours he would put into a show, all the time away from the chaos of backstage, bringing countless wigs back to the salon to touch them up or to get them “just right”.  Ron was my co-worker and my friend for the last twenty years.  In his words, we will “carry on” but his sparkle and his talents will truly be missed on so many levels.

Don Patrick O’Connell

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