Active members support Lyric by donating their time, at least 20 hours per year. If you are interested in becoming an active member, contact the Lyric Theatre office at 802-658-1484 or via email.

Ensemble: 20-99 Hours
Subscription to our newsletter – The Spotlight
Acknowledgement in our show programs
Advanced ticket purchases
Lyric Membership card
Show week discounts at area businesses
Invitation to Lyric's Annual Meeting and all Lyric Membership events
Early enrollment opportunities in LyricKids and Lyric workshops

Supporting: 100-299 Hours
All of the above
Lyric T-Shirt, Tote Bag or Travel Mug (This item must be picked up at the Lyric Warehouse)
15% discount off LyricKids and Lyric Workshops

Lead: 300-649 Hours
All of the above
One pair of complimentary tickets for either show during membership year

Star: 650+ Hours
All of the above
One pair of complimentary tickets for each show during membership year
Special acknowledgement in program, because there is nothing that Lyric could give you that is
even close in value to what you have given!

Singin’ in the Rain Wardrobe, 2001

Volunteer Hours
Volunteers can accrue hours and apply them for their 1-year membership starting July 1st or Jan. 1st. To renew active membership, an individual must accrue at least 20 hours during the year. Membership cards will be reissued each year. Volunteer hours will be tracked and submitted in the following manner:

During Shows
Show producers will be responsible for submitting all hours to the main office for the show they are producing. Each show team chair/producer will subsequently be responsible for signing in each volunteer who works on his or her crew both at the warehouse and during show time. The stage manager will be responsible for making sure cast and artistic team members sign in at rehearsals and shows. Each responsible show team chair/producer will hand in their sign-in sheets to the producer at production meetings.

General Volunteer Hours
Each committee chair will be responsible for turning over hours for their committee members/board members to the Office Manager.

All other hours should be reported on the Volunteer Hour Report Forms found on the door to the office at the Warehouse or online.

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