November 10-13, 2016


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Production Supervisor: Syndi Zook
Director: George Walker
Music Director: Nate Venet
Choreographer: Nikki Boutin
Assistant to the Choreographer: Tara Mayhew
Assistant to the Choreographer: Donna Antell
Stage Manager: Cheri Forsythe
Assistant Stage Manager: Kristina McSalis


Costume Design: Suzanne Kneller
Hair & Make-Up Designer: Sarah Crowley
Lighting Design: David Schraffenberger
Set Design: Tom Dunn
Sound Design: Harry Chaikin
Technical Team
Costume Construction: Margaret Spivack
Costume Construction: Dawn Dudley
Master Electrician: Don Mersereau
Properties: Carolyn Gauthier
Properties: Kathryn Dubie
Hair Crew Chair: Ron Cook
Make-Up Crew Chair: Kelley Lane
Safety & Security: Bill McSalis
Set Construction: Ted Anderson
Set Decoration: Cathie Covey
Set Engineer: Tim Henderson
Special Effects/Video: Scott Esmond
Business Team
House: Heidi Racht & Bill Suiter
Production Parties:
Photography: Steve Mease
Promotional Art: Shawn Rice
Promotional Wear: Debby Dot Decker
Promotions: Erin Evarts
Program: Bob Bolyard


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